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Management Services

Property management services from our company provide comprehensive solutions for all of your real estate needs. From tenant acquisition and market analysis to bill payment and owner communication, we have you covered. Our team is committed to finding the best solutions to ensure that your property is managed effectively and efficiently.

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Billing and Utilities:

  • Manage utility bill payments (water, electricity, etc.) on behalf of tenants

  • Provide regular updates on utility usage and costs

  • Assist with setting up utility accounts for new tenants


Tenant Finding and Screening:

  • Advertise the apartment rental listing through various channels

  • Conduct tenant screenings, including background checks and reference verification

  • Facilitate the tenant application process and lease agreements


Vacancy Management:

  • Minimize vacancy periods by actively marketing and promoting available units

  • Coordinate apartment viewings and showcase the property to potential tenants

  • Implement tenant retention strategies to encourage lease renewals

Rental Market Analysis:

  • Conduct market research to determine competitive rental rates

  • Provide recommendations on rental price adjustments based on market trends

  • Maximize rental income potential for the property owner


Rent Collection and Accounting:

  • Collect rental payments from tenants on behalf of the property owner

  • Maintain accurate rental account records and financial statements

  • Provide monthly or periodic rental income reports to the property owner


Lease Administration:

  • Prepare and execute lease agreements with long term tenants

  • Handle lease renewals, terminations, and lease extensions

  • Ensure compliance with local rental laws and regulations

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Rental Account Management:

  • Manage rental accounts and payments on behalf of property owners

  • Provide regular updates on rental income and expenses

  • Assist with setting rental rates based on market conditions and property features


Owner Communication:

  • Maintain regular communication with property owners to address any concerns or queries

  • Provide a dedicated point of contact for owner inquiries and requests

  • Ensure timely response to maintenance or service-related issues


Vendor Management:

  • Coordination and management of external service providers

  • Contract negotiation and administration

  • Performance monitoring and evaluation

  • Budget management for outsourced services

  • Ensuring service level agreements are met

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